Financing campaigns & Fundraisers


Your fundraising campaign is important to us!

Are you looking to raise funds for a school, class, sports team, social club or other organization? La Palette des saveurs sugar shack proposes tasty and affordable ways to make it happen!

Here, we are committed to high-quality products and customer satisfaction.

Placing orders for your financing campaign is simple and you will get delicious maple syrup DIRECTLY from the producer! Chances are you won’t stop at just one financing campaign! We bet you’ll develop a taste for it!

For more information, please contact Julie.


Delicious products all year long!

Why choose La Palette des saveurs sugar shack for organizing a fundraiser?

  • Products offered all year long;
  • Purchase directly from the producer, without a broker or intermediary;
  • Access to delicious products at affordable prices;
  • Priority in offering the very best customer service;
  • Possibility for fundraiser committee members to taste products beforehand (limited quantities);
  • Quick turnaround times for all types of situations.

*Take note that our product offering for fundraisers is offered exclusively in Quebec


Confidential process with NO solicitation

It is important to note that we take confidentiality very seriously and NO solicitation will be done using your coordinates, though they are necessary for registering for fundraisers.

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